Westover Hills prides itself on its long rich heritage of elegant style and family values in the Fort Worth area. The majority of Westover Hills can be found in the John Kinder survey of 1857 as well as the Pete Peterson survey of 1873. Most of the land was originally owned by Amon G. Carter with the first plats drawn up in 1929. John E. Farrell was the first Mayor and one of the first to build a residence in Westover Hills in 1931, The properties were developed by A. C. Luther, who later built his home on Valley Ridge Road in 1936. Westover Hills was incorporated as a class A city in 1939.

The paving of the Town’s roads was not completed until the 1940′s and home construction continued through the 50′s with most of the town’s plots occupied by the end of the 1960′s. Today Westover Hills is a serene bedroom community of 277 homes and approximately 700 people. Our town continues to offer a choice secure location to raise a family in the peaceful surroundings of large trees and spacious lawns.