Garbage Collection


  • Solid waste and brush must be securely packaged or bundled in components that weigh no more than fifty pounds and cannot exceed forty-eight inches in length. Loose or torn bags will not be collected to prevent blowing debris in the neighborhood.
  • Solid waste will be picked up on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week beginning at 8 AM.
  • Yard Waste will be picked up on Tuesday, and Thursday each week beginning at 8 AM.
  • Solid waste can be picked up at any location specified by the resident as long as clear unobstructed access is provided.
  • No bags or brush will be carried around or between cars at risk to resident’s vehicle.
  • Weight Volumes for a bag of trash or a bundle of brush are subject to the overall weight limit of 50 lbs.

How do I dispose of Paint?



  • Special arranged pickups will be allowed only under the direct supervision and scheduling of the Department Head.
  • Garbage put out after collection has occurred, or that failed to put garbage out by 8 AM may receive an addition pickup as time allows, however any garbage placed for pickup after 8 AM is in danger of being missed if town personnel have already come by.
  • Garbage will not be picked up after regular work hours.
  • Any items not bagged but intended for pickup, must be marked as trash. Also any item placed in the vicinity of the garbage collection location should be marked “Not Trash” to prevent accidental pickup by town personnel.



  • All bags over 8 for the day will incur a $1 surcharge per bag.
  • All brush will be charged for pickup at a rate of $10.00 per yard.
  • All brush brought to the collection center will be charges at a rate specified below: