Councilmen Steve Tatum

Nenetta and I have lived in Westover Hills since 1979  when we moved back from Austin following my graduation from law school. We found a house we liked the western property line of which was also the city limit. We were barely in Westover back then. Nenetta was born and raised in Westover Hills. Her parents and her paternal grandmother lived there.

Our house was built in 1931 by Bob Goodrich, an oil man and an early resident of Westover Hills. The house was designed by Atlee Ayers, a renowned architect of the period. Copies of the as- built drawings and the architectural design drawings are a part of the collection at the library of the University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture.

I’m a lawyer. My undergraduate degree is a B.S. in Anthropology from SMU and my law degree is from The Univ. of Texas School of Law. Nenetta and I have two adult children, Carter, who lives in New York, and Stephen Jr., who lives with his wife, Carly, in Austin. We also have a ferocious dachshund/chihuahua mix named Nuke.

We enjoy going to places warmer (the Florida Keys) and cooler (Colorado) than Westover Hills, depending on the season.

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