The Town of Westover Hills participates in the Surveillance/Testing Program in conjunction with the Tarrant County Health Department. Live mosquitoes will be captured with traps that can be moved to target locations throughout the Town. The captured mosquitoes will be sent to the county laboratory for testing for the presence of West Nile Virus.

All stagnant pools in the Town’s Right-Of-Way are treated with Larvaecides to prevent mosquito breeding. A list of active chemicals is provided lower down on this page. Additionally, the Public Works Department work with residents regarding, identification and treatment options that can be employed on private property. For more information on protection from mosquitoes and what you can do, view the videos and directives provided below or call the Westover Hills Public Works Department at (817)737-8442.

Response Plan Trigger Level

 Level 2                     Moderate (Moderate Risk)

Due to a positive mosquito sample collected on Springs Road, ULV Spraying has been authorized.

Phased Response Plan (See page 22)       View Mosquito Testing Results in Our Area


Information Guides and Videos Related to Mosquito Borne Diseases That Effect You!

Protect Yourself

PregnacyControl Mosquitos

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Public Works Department at (817)737-8442.



Envion Vectobac G
Aqualuer 20-20 Vectolex CG
BVA 2 oil
Summit Bti


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Please contact Tim Chambers at (817)737-8442 if you have any issues with mosquitoes.